At Calvary, we believe the Bible isn’t just for small groups and Sundays—it’s for every day in-between! That’s why we’re partnering with She Reads Truth and He Reads Truth to give you a FREE app subscription. Use code FQJ8CK to unlock 75+ plans and start reading Truth today!

This month, we begin our Lenten reading plan! You can read with us on the app or pick up a hard copy of the reading plan at church this Sunday.

In preparation for Easter, we’ll spend four weeks reading the book of Joshua and three weeks reading the Gospel of Mark. The first four weeks, we’ll explore what God’s allegiance to both His promises and His people meant for Israel and what it means for us.

We’ll spend the final three weeks reading the Gospel of Mark, following Jesus from His baptism in the Jordan River to His cross at Calvary. Along the way, we’ll marvel at His compassion, power, and authority as He performs miracles and transforms the lives of the men and women He encounters. Finally, we’ll arrive at Resurrection Sunday with a deeper understanding of Christ’s once-for-all sacrifice that secures our salvation. 

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Download the reading app today! It’s super simple!

  1. Download the She Reads Truth or He Reads Truth app on iOS or Android.
  2. Open the She Reads Truth or He Reads Truth app and go to the profile screen (tip: it’s the icon at the bottom right).
  3. Click “Church Subscription.” If you don’t have a She Reads Truth or He Reads Truth account, you’ll need to create one here. It takes less than a minute!
  4. On the Church Subscription screen, type in FQJ8CK
  5. Click “Submit” and start reading Truth! We follow the Community Reading Plan and have a Facebook group and 7 am devotionals based on the reading plan Monday-Friday. See you there!