This is Michael’s story. (He’s a real guy.)

For the last 20 or so years I’ve really identified as an atheist.

I fully relied on my own abilities to lead the way after high school, through college, and into my IT career. I was doing just fine in my own power and strength.

Then I became a father, and as my boys grew older I realized I had made a ton of bad decisions, but somehow, I survived and people thought I was just fine – successful, even. But I felt as if there was something still missing that left me feeling alone, insecure, and not worthy of the success I was experiencing.

Then, one day about a year and a half ago, I woke up early and instead of going to work out, I walked into Calvary for a Sunday service.

As I sat there, I allowed my beat-down spirit and ego-driven mind to let Pastor Carl’s words seep into my soul.  I came back another Sunday and another Sunday.  I started to realize that this religion that I thought was a money grab wasn’t any of that…it was a relationship with a very personal God that had an unconditional love for us…for me.

Late November last year  I completely gave myself to a relationship with God and completely understood the reciprocation…the commitment. I understood what unconditional love and acceptance felt like as I balled my eyes out. On February 17, 2019 I was baptized so I could publicly show everyone that I decided to follow Jesus.

Now, I’m hungry to grow and I can’t believe I was the guy fighting against Him just two years ago. Now, I’m fighting for Him…but it takes a lot of work. 🙂 We just started a small group with some close family friends and it has been amazing as we start to understand and work on changing our daily habits and understanding that this is all His and we can only do our best for Him as we work to build a community in His name.

Glory to God!  He is working among us!  Where do you see Him working?  Who are you telling about Him?  We would love to hear your story. Share it here!

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