Take the next step in your faith journey!

Growth Track sessions will introduce you to the Calvary family as you come to know God, discover your God-given purpose, and make an impact. Each session will provide the opportunity to ask questions, meet others and deepen your relationship with God.

We’ll focus on the essentials of the Christian faith, teaching practices that will help you walk in relationship with Christ. You’ll learn the importance of community, which is where we mature in our relationships, learning to love God and others.

We’re currently building the team to help facilitate the full launch of the Growth Track, which will be available (eventually!) both online and in person in 2021. If you’re interested in learning more, fill out this Growth Track volunteer form and someone will contact you.

Discover Your Purpose session resources

If you’re interested in reviewing the spiritual gifts and personality test sections of the Discover Your Purpose session select the links below.

Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts Assessment

DISC Personality Assessment

If you prefer paper copies to print off and fill out by hand here are the PDF documents for downloading and/or printing:

PDF – Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts Assessment

PDF – DISC Personality Assessment