I’m so glad we decided to join this small group. It got me to reading the Bible and taking my faith more seriously.  In the past year, I’ve found a new ability to trust God and am leading my family better. We’re spending time together in the Word and drawing closer to God.  Without this small group encouraging me that way, I don’t know that we would have been where we are at today in our faith.” – Travis

Growing is better in circles! Groups are a great way to connect. Childcare is available for groups meeting at Calvary on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. Sign up today!

These small groups are currently meeting:
  • Married Couples – Sunday mornings 9:00 AM (Matt & Dana Dolch, Jordan & Trisha Schlake)
  • Mixed Adults-Growing in Faith Together – Sunday mornings 9:00 AM (Jared Patterson )
  • Special Education Adults – Sunday 9:00 AM (John Perry)
  • Mixed Adults-Just Digging Deeper – Sunday mornings 10:30 AM (Chuck Glenn)
  • Mixed Adults-Bible Study by the Book – Sunday mornings 10:30 AM (Sid Swanson)
  • Grand People – Seniors – Sunday mornings 10:30 AM (Pastor Scott)
  • Women – Sunday afternoons (Leisa Larson)
  • Moms of Kids with Extra Needs – Sunday evenings (Brenda Mason)
  • Young Adults (age 18-28) – Sunday evenings (Grant Greder)
  • Men – Monday evenings (Gus Miller)
  • Women – Monday evenings (Sandra Miller)
  • Women – Monday evenings (Kacey Petit)
  • Women – Monday evenings (Collette McCurdy & Lisa Kirchhoff)
  • Women – Tuesday evenings (Tonja Bohling)
  • Mixed Adults – Tuesday evenings (Mark Geist)
  • Men – Wednesday early mornings (Pastor Scott)
  • Women – Wednesday 1:00 PM (Amy Rogers)
  • Mixed – Bible in a Year – Wednesday evenings (Rick Wintermute)
  • Women – Wednesday evenings (Leisa Larson)
  • Women – Wednesday evenings on Zoom(Kelly Sparr)
  • Men – Wednesday evenings (Terry Strode)
  • Mixed Adults – Living the Message – Wednesday evenings (Todd Case)
  • Mixed Adults – Thursday evenings (Lord Ameyaw)
  • Women Crafting – Thursday evenings off-site (Jennifer Novotny)
  • Women – Every other Saturday 9:30 AM (Vickie Cox)
  • Men – 2nd & 4th Saturday 7:30 AM (Scott Wiles)

Have an idea and want to start a group? We LOVE that! Click here!

Our group has been meeting for about 3 years.  In that time, we’ve seen children growing up, celebrated birthdays and anniversaries, have been through some illnesses and medical issues and shed some tears together. 

What I find most exciting is how we are drawing closer to God as we are drawing closer to each other.  We dig into his Word and discuss it and, likewise, we invest into each other’s lives.  We’re doing life together! -Dave