This year’s theme is “The Iron Marshal and the outlaws of Granite City”. The Wild Blaine Gang are madder than a rattler with a toothache and they’re ready to ride roughshod over anyone who gets in their way.  You see, icy cold revenge is drivin’ them and they’re settin’ their sights square on Marshall Steel and the good folk of Granite City. Kids will learn Biblical principles from the drama story that match each night’s Bible story.

Each of the four nights will be action packed with lots of humor. In addition to our exciting, full scale stage performances, we have rockin’ music, tasty snacks, and fun games.  Summer Spectacular will be held June 18-21 (Mon-Thur) from 6:30pm-9:00pm. Summer Spectacular is for kids who will be in grades K-5th in the fall.

Online Registration will close each evening of Summer Spectacular at 4pm. Kids are more than welcome to register in person.

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Here is a recap video of  2017’s Summer Spectacular: