Andreasen, Dave   Our grandson, Dylan, will have knee surgery Nov 1 as a result of a football injury. He is a highschool senior and will be out of all school activities for the rest of the year.
  Boyce, Margene For my grandson David and troop-National Guard Unit now in Qatar. Pray for all military overseas and in America.
    Dickinson, David Lots to praise! We have moved. Praise for the new home & those that moved us. However, we have LOTS to do-boxes everywhere. Pray for wisdom & unity. We thank God for all of you!
    Hammons, Shannon Praise God for successful treatments at Mayo last week-heart pressures are good, lung vessel treated. Pray for medical & family decisions and for Ben and Sarah to seek God and His will.
    Larson, Leisa Healing for Alaska. Salvation for Andrea. That I would minister well to my dad as he endures his cancer journey. You Are Loved Projects-boldness, opportunities, changed lives!
        Lindner, Cheryl   Please pray for my son’s fiance Dani Bradley. She is bi-polar and this past week has been really struggling with a manic episode. Last time it was this bad she ended up hospitalized and it took months for her to fully recover, Pray for healing and strength for her. Also pray that she will come to know Jesus.
    Milching, Susan Keep praying for the twins. The girl is in Omaha & little boy is here in Lincoln. Just keep praying for them also pray for their mom, traveling to Omaha and taking care of her older child.
  Pacas, Kristien Please pray for healing. I was recently in the hospital with lung infection. I am currently off work trying to heal.
Potts, Carolyn Continued prayers for Darrell Russell that the brain tumor does not grow.
Rogers, Curtis Safe travel healing for Pastor Carl and Gayle.
  Schiessl, Linda Deeper spiritual growth. Boldness in sharing the gospel. Salvation for Anthony & wife and Andrew & wife; my grandchildren. Thank You!
    Schlake, Jordan Praise for healthy birth of our son, Roen Zander Schlake, and that his post-birth brain scan came back clear. Please pray that he gains weight so we can get off our current triple feeding protocol.
Seefeld, Gracy Betty Smith, help heal her and give her strength.
      Simmons, Kirsten Prayers for the wife of the man who died on Hwy 77. Pray for peace in my family. I’m thankful for the blessings on the van I received with God’s Grace. I continue to pray for my children & their salvation. Bless me on the new path I am taking and that you God will be with me every step of the way.
                    Stephens, Dennis   Praise God for the Calvary team! Pray for the Gaddy family as they mourn the loss of their mom, wife and friend this past week. Praise for great results from our blood work. Pray for our health and direction and continued change. Pray for Brandon to seek the lord as his direction in his life. Pray for all relationships through the marriage of many years to seek God during all stages and decisions. Pray for all with health concerns that God’s healing hands would be upon them through the healing process. Pray for our business and personal finances and the decisions that are being made to be directed by God.
      Thiele, Chuck For my kids & grandkids, especially for my son Luke that God will bring some Christian friends across his path. For my older son, Jeff & his wife who live in my house. May God give them, and me, wisdom in them finding permeant housing. For wisdom in my next steps.
Williamson, Collin Strength & wisdom to return to a life devoted to Christ.